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"IT'S RAINING MAD!" Provides corporate intrigue, real life drama and family chaos all rolled into one short, yet action packed story.

With backing from the two privileged white boys she raised deep down in Mississippi, Liz Hampton's Biological sons rose to wealth and prominence in the north. But, into each life a little rain must fall as the Hampton dynasty experiences more than its share of storms from illegitimate children to thieving employees.

As Frank and Donnie Hampton weather the troubles placing their families at considerable risks and their businesses on a slipper slope, the question remains… Will they survive after the dust settles and, if so, at what cost?

“Stuff We Talk About”

“Stuff We Talk About” is a compilation of various topics that covers the conversational spectrum about men, relationships, children, family, beauty, fashion, career, spirituality, other folks, and so much more.

Formatted in an article expose, this book is loaded with commonalities of everyday experiences that most women share regardless of socio – economic or racial backgrounds.

Although primarily targeted for a female audience, men and children alike would enjoy the read.

“I’m Doing Me”

“I’m Doing Me” is Lee’s description of a woman’s journey of repositioning herself to be front and center of her universe. It is a comedic view of the various roles that women assume.

The book humorously describes how she in her personal and professional journeys got lost in the space of others. Developing personal, professional, and spiritual goals were the foundational anchors of her “Doing Me” process. Vernalee unveils her phenomenal Triple A – model of Admitting, Addressing, and Acting.

“I’m Doing Me” invokes a number of emotions that most women can either relate to or have experienced.

Verna Lee

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