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About Her

About Her

Vernalee is an entrepreneur turned author. Lee writes about “life” and relationships - both personal and professional.

Growing up in the south in a small business environment, her writings are often flavored with actual and visual revelations that reflect her life experiences derived from the quaint town of Glen Allan, Mississippi. “There was nothing that you didn’t see/witness in Glen Allan. The town is rich in life lessons.” 

An entrepreneur since 1986, Vernalee is a marketing/management consultant for several companies in Cleveland and Columbus, Ohio. She is the founder of The Candy Lady & Kids, a full service gourmet chocolate/candy retail and kid party center operation. She also hosts a daily blog, “Stuff We Talk About.”

Lee’s next scheduled release is “Opposite Attract,” which will be followed by her memoir, “The Rainbow Inn.” She is the Mother of two, David (Scooter) and Phoebe, both entrepreneurs.